Thursday, March 31, 2011

Setting The ... Appropriate Tone

Much to my own dismay, I've already begun to break into hack territory.  Anthropomorphic buddies are cool in my book, so don't expect this trend to disappear after this entry.

I was planning on doing a superhero comic, one of my unhealthy obsessions, but was more afraid of copyright infringement than anything else.  I'll have to ponder how best to tackle this going forward.

I'm also sure that since there are so many of you now digging these posts I'd be a big fish for some FBI agent's wall.  Don't worry, I'd never let them take me alive.

Speaking of all of you, let others know what you think by posting a comment or just simply clicking a rating button below.  Then when you're all hopped up on the adrenaline, move your mouse to the right and follow us so you can get updates and be part of something much bigger than any of us ever could be.  Heavy sarcasm aside, I appreciate the people who've been traveling here and sharing this very individual piece of me.  Take care and I'll be posting again very soon.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well, they went SOMEwhere!

  Good evening my multitudes!  This comic comes thanks to a throwaway conversation I had with some friends over the weekend.  I think it's pretty self-explanatory so I won't bore you any more than necessary.  

Second regular posting down, eternity to go.  I'm starting to get into a quasi-groove and now I just need the talent to follow and we'll be set!

Please leave me comments so I know how to make things more you-friendly, even if it's the funny/not buttons at the bottom of the post.  Please follow me so you can get updates and let's get this community kicked off right!

Until we meet again, my friends!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

After all the clamoring for new content from the hordes of visitors to this blog, BAM! I will be creating new content on a biweekly basis to start and hopefully ramping up as my skills de-rustify and my process becomes more streamlined.

This one is one of the ideas I kicked around for awhile after reading a certain someone's megahit novel about solving mysteries regarding religion. The thought struck me that if these elaborate puzzles were created to safeguard the world's secrets then there must be puzzles of a lesser degree just for living a regular life.

My least favorite part about this relatively quick one is the final panel; I'm not sure I got the girl's room/boy's room idea across clearly enough using the Italian and non-color images of a nun's habit and the papal hat. Regardless, I hope I can at least create a smirk and we'll work from there.

Thanks for coming, sign the guest book or post on this article and I'll be letting you into my brain more than you'll ever want to come very soon!