Thursday, March 31, 2011

Setting The ... Appropriate Tone

Much to my own dismay, I've already begun to break into hack territory.  Anthropomorphic buddies are cool in my book, so don't expect this trend to disappear after this entry.

I was planning on doing a superhero comic, one of my unhealthy obsessions, but was more afraid of copyright infringement than anything else.  I'll have to ponder how best to tackle this going forward.

I'm also sure that since there are so many of you now digging these posts I'd be a big fish for some FBI agent's wall.  Don't worry, I'd never let them take me alive.

Speaking of all of you, let others know what you think by posting a comment or just simply clicking a rating button below.  Then when you're all hopped up on the adrenaline, move your mouse to the right and follow us so you can get updates and be part of something much bigger than any of us ever could be.  Heavy sarcasm aside, I appreciate the people who've been traveling here and sharing this very individual piece of me.  Take care and I'll be posting again very soon.


Jon said...

I voted "nice try" -- bah hahahahaha! I'm not cutting you any slack.

doodlepunks said...

You know something? I agree, definitely not a favorite.