Thursday, June 30, 2011

Come With Me If You Want To Live

There's nothing better than an Arnold Schwarzanegger movie, I loved his movies as I was growing up.  That being said, he should stop making Terminator movies.  His name is still in the works for what I hope doesn't follow Christian Bale's era of Skynet tomfoolery.

We here at the Estate had Knight and Day come in the mail from our Netflix queue, and I was very close to liking the movie.  Every time I started to get into the movie, someone let Cameron Diaz wander in front of the camera to ruin it.  When it was all over, I ended up with the feeling I should put in the first Mission: Impossible and see Tom Cruise at his most over-the-top greatest.  If I'm being honest with myself, I'm legitimately excited to see MI:IV when that comes out next summer.

The birthday of when America said to the world "thanks guys, but we'll just do it ourselves" is coming up Monday.  This being the first year in the new house, I'm not entirely sure if there's a fireworks situation down here.  I'm hoping to catch them when we visit with my family, because it's one of the best things about the holiday.  When I was younger the neighboring towns would stagger their celebrations and if you didn't mind it you could end up seeing four or five different displays in a few days.  Ahh, youth.

Everyone be safe and relax, and take the time to let yourself celebrate what, when you boil it down, is one of the best places to be in the world.

Punch it, Chewie!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Culmination Of Fate And Destiny

For some reason this memory hit me earlier, depicted in the comic to the left.  We did in fact get a smaller truck than we should have when leaving Philadelphia, but we packed the crap out of that truck.  I regretted having to unload it all, it was so beautiful.  Music C for the absolute best groove!

Books. Bond Books.  In Barnes and Noble the other day, I noticed a paperback in the new section that was written by some forgettable author "as Ian Fleming" covering a James Bond story that Fleming never wrote.  Struck me as odd and stuck with me.  Just throw the Ian Fleming's James Bond above the title and let's acknowledge you're not communing with the dead through a hat a la Joseph Smith.  Unnecessary and most likely ignorant rant complete.

Summer is finally here, in all its glory.  Refreshed would be the best way to describe the folks here at the Estate post-trip to our beach condo.  Weather was ideal, food was largely great, and the indigenous old people left us alone.  Greg Behrendt also affirmed me over the Twitters that I am indeed funny, and he's a professional comedian.  It lit me up like Christmas lights, definitely a great capstone to an already good day.  I guess he just was that into me, eh?  I feel gross writing a pun that bad, but it stays for posterity.

Punch it, Chewie!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

She Really Gets Me

I'd like to think that the comic tonight is completely self-explanatory, so I'll leave it alone where it is.

I'm also finding it hard to wrap a thought together for a combination of reasons.  Firstly, it's been a long time since I was able to take a vacation and reset the system, so to speak.  Secondly, I know of a few short vacations that we have planned coming up that I'm very much looking forward to.  All this to say that I've felt like I was in a slump but we're hopefully breaking out of that real soon with some sand and seafood.

Confession time: I almost just wrote a story about my cat.  Then I realized that I would hate myself in the morning and quickly deleted it.  If I were really brave I'd still post it below this, but we all know how that'll turn out.  "They're just like little people!"  I know I'm guilty of saying it, but when I do it's with the full knowledge that I've just said something creepy and weird.

Crisis averted! Mission accomplished! Another successful week sticking to the schedule!  Breathe it in, ladies and gentlemen, that's the sound of me following through on things.

Punch it, Chewie!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Did I Accidentally Larson That Dog?

My cats are awesome, don't get me wrong.  I just get the distinct impression that it's every man for themselves around the estate here.

It's also important for me to note that while I'm doodling this one out I get two calls from telemarketers trying to sell me a security system for my manor.  Of course I talked to them for twenty minutes with no intention of buying but I wasn't a jerk and tried to kid around with these poor folks trying to sell something that almost no one wants unless they already have it.

Netflix is going to bestow a gift unto me soon also: I'll be getting Predators soon on my queue.  I can not wait to make fun of this thing from fade in to credits.  If there are a few badass moments with alien hunters cracking skulls so be it, but seeing Adrian Brody as a tough guy is too good to pass up.  If I'm surprised, be sure you'll hear about it.

I'm going to wrap this up soon before it becomes a discussion of the snack I'm thinking about making for myself. Before I do that though, be sure to leave me a comment, a suggestion, or a short haiku related to my greatness!  We'll meet again later down the road, and be better for it.

Punch it, Chewie!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Goodbye Kung-Fu Death Grip!

I'm habitually late to the scene, hence only recently posting to this comic blog on a regular basis.  Even though I love it so much technology is no different in that respect.  I don't even own one of the miniature internet-spewing digital handheld devices yet, but I do hope to change that in the somewhat near future.

Here's a quandary for you: Green Lantern has a 22% on Rotten Tomatoes, but 95% of people want to see it.  Whether it's the new "ironic" culture that deserves a slow death or people genuinely interested, that money will go to making other comic book movies.  I really hope to find some time this weekend to go check it out and form an opinion I can throw back up here.

Folks, it finally happened.  Rep. Weiner resigned his senate seat after three weeks of late-night monologues and 24-hour news network lambasting.  I feel for the guy, even though he's a skeezy creep for sending junk photos to girls over Twitter (did someone tell Chris Hansen to gas up the van?).  You can't help but wonder if this would have blown over if not for his unfortunate name.  It's just too poetic for him to jeopardize his career because of a surname, and the hilarious weiner jokes to come from it.

Enjoy your weekends!

Punch it, Chewie!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

His Name Is My Name Too!

For everyone that gets the song stuck in their heads, I sincerely apologize.  If it makes it any better, I've been looping it since this little idea popped in my head.

Me and my shorter half went to see Bridesmaids and while I did laugh nearly constantly in between squirming in my seat at all the awkward moments, I wasn't expecting the movie to be like that at all.  It's my own fault for letting critics into my subconscious when they called it the "female Hangover" when it's not really a buddy movie at all.  If you haven't seen it I would recommend it, it's Rotten Tomatoes score is still really high compared with previously said competition.

I re-watched Star Wars: A New Hope this past weekend and found myself getting a different appreciation for it.  Having seen the movie roughly two dozen times(conservatively), but not in the past five or more years, it's easy to forget how well done that film was.  Realizing that I was able to take my inner fanboy out of the equation I enjoyed it even more noticing details I didn't think to pay attention to before.  Nostalgia +1.

These summer months are going to be a bit rough, the lack of personally appealing game titles coming out means I may have to spend more time outside or even read more books (both of which have dramatically increased since the new house).  I have a feeling this winter will be the polar opposite and I'll miss playing with some of my friends because we didn't sync up on our interests.  Let me know if there's anything you're looking forward to so I can take a second look.

Punch it, Chewie!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Officially Anti-Duckface

It comes again like a fiery wave crashing down upon the world: my slightly mild annoyance with seeing something!  Seriously though, when did every photo online have to come with a false kissy duckface?  This is not a new topic I'm broaching but my Facebook feed keeps bringing photos of this ilk to the surface.

So many trailers and gameplay videos have come out of E3 this year.  Some even worked their magic on me and in a few cases actually got me interested in the final product.  Some didn't need any work at all;  The Old Republic came out with several videos that I watched a few times to make sure I caught all the details.  I'm going to sicken everyone, myself included, with the depths to my nerdity the closer we get to release.  I'll post the new trailer below, It's very watchable, even if you're not a video game or Star Wars fan.

Let me know if you guys have any thoughts on it, I would love to hear an outside opinion or answer any questions.  Thanks for coming back to check my stuff out time after time, I really appreciate all the hits I've gotten so far with so little advertising.  Please follow me, subscribe by e-mail at the right or just leave comments and I'll catch you all with my next installment.

Punch it, Chewie!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Because he's the fat cat Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

Abbott and Costello, Martin and Lewis, Laurel and Hardy, and now my two cats.  The perfect comedy pair; fat, narcoleptic and lovable juxtaposed with the runt constantly running her mouth and getting into trouble.  None of that is even made up, I just got lucky that's how they naturally are.  "They're just like little people!"  (Cardinal rule of pet ownership = broken)

Not sure if I completely missed it when the news first came out, but Bane will be in the Dark Knight Rises?  The same Bane who, in comic legend, broke Batman's back forcing him to field a replacement until he could recover?  My fear is to achieve the sheer size of Bane they'll put Tom Hardy (Inception, Rock'n Rolla) in prosthetics, but he's been training like crazy and Nolan's Two-Face was the most cartoony they've really gone for a villain.  On a scale of Carmine Falcone to Arnold's Dr. Freeze, I'm hopeful he'll be right around the Scarecrow mark.

Anyone else seen the new Pirates installment?  We went this past weekend, and I found it to be pretty disappointing.  This was also after my excitement to get rid of Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightley from bogging down the action, but it wasn't enough.  The story seemed to fall a little flat, and for all the buzz over the chemistry between Depp and Cruz there were only a few scenes they were even in together.  One of the redeeming pieces was actually the 3D.  I've gone on record as not a fan of 3D as it felt thrown in or too gimmicky, but for this attempt it didn't force you to remember it was in an additional dimension constantly.

Bridesmaids and X-Men: First Class are both doing really well critically, so I may have to pull a double feature to cram in all of those pictures in motion.  The trailer for Captain America also had me pretty excited because they presented it as 300 with our favorite blonde super-soldier.  I'm all a-flutter.

Punch it, Chewie!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Triple Word Score!

I so love the faceless, endless, merciless Stormtroopers. They're the only fearsome entity in the universe that couldn't hit a couple kids running down the halls of their space station or spot the droids that CLEARLY were the ones they were looking for.

Just in case you thought he died ten years ago after making Shazam! for Disney, Shaq is alive and still in the NBA... for this season.  He announced his retirement this past week on Twitter.  150 characters or less to wrap up almost two decades of your life, that's not depressing at all.

Terrible news in other media this week; Glenn Beck has announced his show will be done the end of June 2011. This is largely because people stopped watching his overdramatic, shameless soap-boxing for attention.  This is bad news because he's being rumored to be leaving a station people aren't really watching and getting onto a web series and polluting the internet outright.  I can't say I'll search him out, but hopefully it goes the way most web series go and fades away to general obscurity.  It will make things more difficult for the Daily Show, which may be a breath of fresh air in itself.

I'm also having a movie nervous breakdown.  There are a bunch of movies I'm interested in all out right now, Bridesmaids, The Hangover Part II, the new Pirates installment and the new X-Men prequel (which is getting some good critical buzz).  All of this means either selling blood and plasma to afford it all, or getting a job at the movie theatre.  Or both.

Until we meet again, my friends.

Punch it, Chewie!