Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Culmination Of Fate And Destiny

For some reason this memory hit me earlier, depicted in the comic to the left.  We did in fact get a smaller truck than we should have when leaving Philadelphia, but we packed the crap out of that truck.  I regretted having to unload it all, it was so beautiful.  Music C for the absolute best groove!

Books. Bond Books.  In Barnes and Noble the other day, I noticed a paperback in the new section that was written by some forgettable author "as Ian Fleming" covering a James Bond story that Fleming never wrote.  Struck me as odd and stuck with me.  Just throw the Ian Fleming's James Bond above the title and let's acknowledge you're not communing with the dead through a hat a la Joseph Smith.  Unnecessary and most likely ignorant rant complete.

Summer is finally here, in all its glory.  Refreshed would be the best way to describe the folks here at the Estate post-trip to our beach condo.  Weather was ideal, food was largely great, and the indigenous old people left us alone.  Greg Behrendt also affirmed me over the Twitters that I am indeed funny, and he's a professional comedian.  It lit me up like Christmas lights, definitely a great capstone to an already good day.  I guess he just was that into me, eh?  I feel gross writing a pun that bad, but it stays for posterity.

Punch it, Chewie!

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