Sunday, March 27, 2011

After all the clamoring for new content from the hordes of visitors to this blog, BAM! I will be creating new content on a biweekly basis to start and hopefully ramping up as my skills de-rustify and my process becomes more streamlined.

This one is one of the ideas I kicked around for awhile after reading a certain someone's megahit novel about solving mysteries regarding religion. The thought struck me that if these elaborate puzzles were created to safeguard the world's secrets then there must be puzzles of a lesser degree just for living a regular life.

My least favorite part about this relatively quick one is the final panel; I'm not sure I got the girl's room/boy's room idea across clearly enough using the Italian and non-color images of a nun's habit and the papal hat. Regardless, I hope I can at least create a smirk and we'll work from there.

Thanks for coming, sign the guest book or post on this article and I'll be letting you into my brain more than you'll ever want to come very soon!

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