Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Playground Platform

Politics are in the air, and I could not care less about it.  It's so hard to make any judgments pre-election on what your officials will actually do when in office that every promise, every argument is just taking up oxygen.

Then you get into the fact that there are some seriously whacked out ideas to spew forth from both their brains and their mouths.  You would hope that those tasked with safeguarding our way of life would have a better view of how to provide that, however it's more often the case they only really know how to do that for themselves.  It's clear that for the majority of these people, the real key to power is simply showing up and being willing.  If you keep asking for responsibility from people, especially to do something that they don't want or understand how to do, they just may give you the keys to the kingdom.  That thought is simultaneously sobering and scary while also being hopeful for those who want to make a genuine difference.

Either way, shortly we'll elect someone who has the opportunity to break my pessimism towards politicians, but if experience has anything to teach me probably will fall short in this.  As long as pointless webcomics don't get abolished, I'll adapt.

Punch it, Chewie!

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