Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Am Jack's Drive

The first rule of Might Club is.... in progress. We haven't really gotten around to finishing it yet.  I'd check back in a few weeks and it should be done.  Maybe.

To dig a little deeper into my cranial pan, tonight's comic is more a reaction to a personal fear I've held for a number of years.

We can go back and forth in a heated debate for hours as to the quality of my ideas, but I do find myself having quite a few in any given week.  Where the real hitch comes in is the 'doing something about it' bit.  Following through on something beyond the initial idea is something that has constantly plagued me.  The rapid-fire nature of this blog is immune to this due to the immediate reward for my efforts.  Doodle, post, ramble, repeat.

All of this being said, I have a number of open projects that I've not been able to devote nearly as much time as I'd like.  I loathe the idea of a New Year's resolution because it implies you only need to pick one thing to work on, and only at the end/beginning of the year.  To completely negate my own last thought, something that has been coming up again and again while out on dog walks lately is that I need to be more intentional with the work I do on my own, even if they turn out to be just hobbies.

Long story short, tonight's comic is about indifference and how I'm growing tired of it hanging around me.

Punch it, Chewie!

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