Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We're Going Dark!

Going dark is a term I use often, but follow rarely.  It's a Catch 22, showing how excited I am for something that I want it to be awesome and unspoiled by any media hype or trailers but at the same time those trailers are feeding my own excitement.  It's a fine line that I walk, but it may be my ripe old age letting it finally sink in a bit.  All too often in the past I'll go to the theater and see a movie I'm excited for, and that one scene from the trailer comes up.  Instantly I'm removed from the experience and remember seeing a trailer, and then I'm thinking instead of just watching.

For the upcoming Avengers movie, I really don't want this kind of experience to happen.  Granted, I've seen a few trailers, but they were all early enough that hopefully it won't interrupt my movie-going time too much.  All the 'exclusive' material coming out in these last few marketing pushes will fall on deaf ears, but I'll still fork over my money when the time comes.

After getting back from an amazing vacation, I had the opportunity to get out and throw some frisbees around for a while and it reminded me of an activity that I love and have neglected. Why does there have to be so many awesome things to choose from in this world?  That overly dramatic question aside, this summer will hopefully prove to have many weekends trying out different disc golf courses in the surrounding area.  I know the courses at a state park nearby are fantastic, so they'll probably be one of the first stops.

Now that we're all done Spring Breakin', get back to work!

Punch it, Chewie!

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