Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sweatin' To The Fuzzballs

So readers may know that we have a home gym.  I should probably clarify that a little bit: we have a room that in theory is a home gym.  At the moment, we've gotten so far as to assemble interlocking mats and put an old TV in there so that the Lady of the Manor may do her royal yoga and pilates.

With so much other good stuff going on, grabbing the equipment to finish it off for myself has become a lesser priority, but still on the list.  Since I enjoy (or tolerate with the right podcast) running outside I usually find that becomes the bulk of my exercise in the warmer months. Either way, it's a luxury room to be able to do anything with at all, so I'm just glad that it didn't stay a room where boxes go to retire.

Speaking of other good stuff, I'm staring at the "zero" and first issues of Avengers vs. X-Men!  The local shop was running a midnight (and by midnight they mean the last hour of their normal closing time) release of the first issue.  I'm trying to stay as objective as possible, but the amount of hype in the comic book world that's gone into this event has me worried.  Hype generally equals disappointment, but I'm sure that I'll get swept up in it as we progress through the next six months.  Go Avengers!

The groundskeepers reaped their first cutting of the lawn this evening, and it's playing havoc with my sinuses. Oh well, the price for such a wild and crazy lifestyle.

Punch it, Chewie!

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