Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meet You At The Juice Bar!

Having some semblance of a home gym is a double-edged blade. On the one hand, you trade membership fees and other people in for convenience and comfort. On the other, that convenience turns the guilt up to 11 when you don't use that space every day that you're breathing. Some people are smarter about this setup and tuck that into a basement or garage so that it may not be a constant reminder.

Luckily it's not that serious. Staying mildly active will keep most of the disease at bay so for some the 'when I feel like it' method does truly seem to work.

It won't be too much longer that we'll be making the move over to Ink & Pixels, so prepare yourselves for that transition.  If you subscribe by email or RSS, you'll just need to head over there and we're working on setting up a similar way to receive updates when comics and rants are posted. You're also going to find an expanding amount of material on games, comics and technology.  If any of those things seem to interest you, take your time and browse around.  Drop us an email, give your suggestions be they the things you liked or why you'll never be coming back again.

Hey, somewhere along the line we crossed our first year doing Doodlepunks!  If I were good at this kind of thing I'd know exactly how many, but I believe we've also crossed our first 100 comics!  The instant millions and private jet were definitely worth the half hour's worth of time I spend twice a week sending sillies out there.

Thanks for sticking with me thus far and let's walk this road a bit longer together.

Punch it, Chewie!

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