Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nerd, Interrupted

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor being stuck in a hotel room the past three days will keep me from posting a comic this eve! I say thee, nay!  Cobbling together what little I had in the room and what little is left of my inspiration, I present you with a sassy snake.

Let's just talk about hotels for a moment, shall we?  They're an optical illusion, and trick of the light that makes you think you're staying somewhere super nice when in fact you're staying in cinder block cells with Ikea furniture thrown in to populate the space.  I understand what it would cost to truly make a hotel as opulent as Trump would have you believe his are, but it wouldn't hurt to feel as if the effort is being made to replicate an actual living situation. 

Speaking of actual living, yes I am surviving on what scant megabytes are allotted to my room.  That doesn't take away from the fact that hotel internet super duper sucks.  Coming from a solid connection on all devices and trickling out to less than 1mbps (at best) is maddening to the point of defeatism.  It is what it is and I count down the time to return to my digital distractions tomorrow as early as possible.

Here I come, Shepard! I've been avoiding some of the juicier news sites to avoid spoilers about your Mass Effect 3 ending so I'm seeing negative headlines, but I believe in you!  A fellow nerd (or he might prefer geek, but that's a topic all unto itself) and I are populating a new site with material, one article being a conversation about our Mass Effect 3 impressions.  When we get it all wrapped up, I'll direct link you over to Ink & Pixels, but until then just check out what we've done so far.  It will eventually be the only destination for Doodlepunks goodness, so get used to the URL.

Punch it, Chewie!

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