Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gaming Assistant

Sometimes handling all of the awesome things that come out or are thrust into your periphery can feel like a second job.  It takes dedication and a clear idea of what you're going to get to and what you'll just have to pass on to navigate it all successfully.  I am not always at keeping this kind of sharp focus.

The idea tonight was what if it got to the point where you had to outsource some of your entertainment?  Bringing someone into the company of your company in order to get to everything on the agenda.

Along those same lines, it's a huge week.  iPad3 or as it's rumored to be named iPadHD will be announced tomorrow, hopefully with a sweet release date as I believe the Estate will be acquiring one as an experiment in tablet computer life.  Released today is Mass Effect 3, the final chapter in a five-plus year story arc that I've sunk a lot of time in.  I'll be picking that up Thursday so there's no promises you'll get a solid comic until later on.  On top of all that, I'll be getting my comic fix on this week too, just a short month away from the big summer event.  Cherry on top, I found myself picking up the starter to a gigantic fantasy novel series along with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (non-movie book version, if that's even a thing).

Whew, I'm sure you're all ready for a nap just keeping up with my hobbies.  Keep your nose down and the legs pumping, we'll get through it together one way or another.

Punch it, Chewie!

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