Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mess Affect 3

Between work responsibilities, attempting to make myself social and doing the general T.C.O.B. about The Estate, I was only able to finish Mass Effect 3 yesterday.  It was to... mixed results.

First, I was glad to have reached the summit, the final piece of the puzzle was going to fall into place, we were going to know everything about and/or destroy the Reapers.  Only gamers weren't really given that opportunity for a feeling of finality.  Sure, there is one decision that impacts you, but it is so vague as to completely negate the whole feeling of choice throughout THREE ENTIRE GAMES.  Honestly, it would just be an ending to me if not for the many hours where I was convinced what I was doing mattered and I could make a choice to end things my way.

This does not mean, however, that I'm looking forward to the fact that there will be more paid DLC coming out regarding the ending.  The gaming community put out such an uproar over this ending that Bioware and EA are considering adding downloadable content to complete what felt like a very sloppy, thrown-together bit of writing at the end of an epic story.  I may or may not bite for this, since if it isn't free, I shouldn't have to pay money to correct a game company's failings.  By even thinking about making this addition to the game, Bioware is admitting they aren't pleased with the end result.  If it was a finished product, they'd inform us what we should have seen and tell us to move on with our lives, but that's not the response being handed out.

We posted a few articles, both an early-impressions discussion between myself and the other Editor, as well as another article regarding Bioware's response over at Ink & Pixels.  Feel free to peruse at your leisure.  We did it, another wacky week is just about over, hooray for us!

Punch it, Chewie!

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