Thursday, October 13, 2011

Preparation Is The Step-Child Of Comfort

Second installment of the same thought tonight and I'm starting to sweat, this is like marathon running!  Not really, just more like moving in slow motion since I'm used to hit-and-run ideas.  Moving through an overarching idea with little hits throughout can only be good for us here at Doodlepunks in the long run.

In the background right now I'm playing the Rush documentary and it's so good.  Beyond the Lighted Stage is exciting and really brings you in.  I think the first time I saw this I had Rush playing for a week or so straight exclusively.  Not all of their stuff is for me, but growing up Rush was always playing on the rock stations.  The only other rock doc that stacks up in my opinion is Metallica's Some Kind of Monster.  They both force you to look at these mythical rockers and sometimes seeing the warts and blemishes can be uncomfortable but you just can't look away from it.

Alright, let's hope this wet weather pushes through and we can enjoy what little is left of our Fall because I'm sure in a week we'll be neck-deep in snow and ice.  With that thought, I take my leave.

Punch it, Chewie!

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