Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nature's Deadly Ambassador

Seriously, how cute are pandas!?  I mean, you have to forget the fact that they're bears.  You know, bears? The animals that can run faster than you, weigh a few hundred more pounds than you and like playing with their food before they maul it?

In the animal kingdom though, fewer have risen to the ranks of super-stardom that the panda bears have.  Only lions and tigers would I put on that list, above bears. Oh my.

I don't have much in the way of new recommendations for this post.  This is due not only to having been the host of a little get-together but also because I haven't been consuming new media the past few days.

That being said, I can remind you all how awesome the Die Hard series is.  I just re-watched Die Hard: With a Vengeance and I still love that movie.  Jeremy Irons is a really good villain and I think he played the role pretty dynamically.  John McClane leaves something to be desired, but if you remember he was supposed to be hung over then he was doing pretty well.  The best in the series absolutely has to be the original for its originality at the time.  Samuel L. Jackson's Zeus sidekick was also a welcome addition, but I don't feel he was completely necessary.

Anyways, that'll do it for tonight.  As always, keep your heads down and I'll catch you again in a few days.

Punch it, Chewie!

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