Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Riding In A Winter Overcoat

If the stars aligned just right, if it were in the cards and if the exact right series of events took place, tonight's comic could very well be a true story.  Our female cat is nothing if not energetic, and really loves to get into whatever she can.  This includes previous references to drawers, closets, shoes and any clothes that she could lay on or in.  The really great thing about her is that if she were trapped in a coat she'd just take the opportunity to have an adventure.  That or freak out and scratch up my back horribly trying to get out.

Are we all gearing up for the upcoming football festivities?  Since we settled in the Manor here, we've been able to expand our social circles than when we were trapped in Filthy-delphia.  Now we'll be able to host a larger gathering (which of course means more people to bring food I can devour) and enjoy a hopefully exciting finish to the football season.

Hopefully today melted away much of the snow you may have received earlier this week.  If that's the last and only time I'll have to send the butlers out to shovel the Estate's driveway this year I'll be glad for it.  Spring, you can be sprung at any time now.

Punch it, Chewie!

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