Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fire In The Hole!

I wouldn't call myself a master at the grill, but I'm comfortable enough to throw down several different types of meats at once and manage as needed.  Tonight's comic would not happen at the Estate, thankfully.

I had to debate with myself about also including our second cat, the mostly wild-eyed smaller variety that makes an occasional appearance.  My final thought was that the fat one would want to be present for a meal, as he's often begging in reality (yeah, my cat begs for burgers too) while his counterpart is off getting into who-knows-what.  So tonight, let you mind wander not only on what I've provided but on what in the world could be going on in the background.  I smell a spin-off!

For some reason the phrase mentioned got into my head today and wormed it's way around after a small victory in the office.  It wasn't until minutes later that I realized the actual common phrase was "with gas" not "with gasoline."  From there we obviously escalated.

The Epoch boys have been getting into a new type of game this past week: browser-based.  This particular game is called Ikariam, and it's all about a pseudo-Grecian game of resource gathering and warfare against other societies.  Luckily we've banded together to keep outsiders and the experienced players from swooping down and pecking at our remains as they sail away with their ill-gotten gains.

We're a few days in, this week's smooth sailing.

Punch it, Chewie!

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