Thursday, February 2, 2012

That Is A Medium

I've got a weak spot for fast food.  The memories of how terrible it is for my body come after the bloodlust of tearing into that burger and finishing off the last too-salty potato-fried companion piece.  Something I've noticed over the past few years is just how gigantic the standard drink is at these fast food chains.

When receiving a drink along with your meal, the drink has grown to the size that not only do they need to start using plastic (they say it's for the environment but don't believe that), the cup itself has to be molded to still fit into a cupholder in your car.  Let me say that again; the cups have outgrown the cup-holders.  I may be crazy, but when they say that the sugars in soda are one of the leading causes of obesity, do we really need to individually test that theory?

The rodent saw his shadow again.  Bill Murray wakes up to Sonny & Cher, chases around Roddy McDowell and hi-jinks ensue.  To date we haven't really been hit with the winter blues, so fingers crossed these next six weeks fly by with similar results.  Not that I have any control over that, though.  I mean, it's not like I'm some random woodland creature that has the power to tell people when the season is over, right?

Super Bowl this weekend! Even if you don't like football, chances are you'll end up at a party for it or watching it for the commercials.  No matter how you find yourself upon it, have a good time!

Punch it, Chewie!

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