Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unnecessary Bit Of Business

So the Star Wars movies are being re-re-re-released in theaters, but now in 3D.  I've invested hundreds of dollars personally into the SW universe, through games and books and movies and whatever else I could get my hands on.  Unfortunately, George Lucas saw those dollars coming in and decided that instead of making original content it was better to make an obvious cash grab.

I'm not old enough to be an original fan but in the '90s when they were trotted out again, it hit me at just the right age.  Ninja turtles and G.I. Joes took a back-burner from then on out.  This move to try and capitalize on yet another generation with new technology and adding in yet more things that weren't in the original feels like a personal betrayal.  I guess he got my dollars already though, and the joke's on me.  Lucas is completely out of touch with the people he provides entertainment to though, so it's hard to blame someone so completely ignorant.

Recently, Lucas spoke out on the whole "Han shot first" nerd chant and explained that Greedo instead fired before Han in that Tatooine cantina.  He then went on to rebuke these diehard fans as bloodthirsty for thinking Han a murderer.  Mr. Lucas, you wrote the movie, so it's troubling that you have no idea what you're talking about.  Greedo announces his intentions to kill Han long before Han pulls the trigger and has a gun on him the entire conversation.  Han just got out in front of the extremely skilled bounty hunter and yanked the trigger first.  There's no need to go back in your later releases and edit it so that Greedo does fire first.  I'd like to say you're better than that, but you're constantly proving that wrong.

Shake it off folks, nerd rant's over for all of you.  I'll live with the rage for much longer, but hopefully you got a chuckle or a "hey, yeah!" out of it along the way.

Punch it, Chewie!

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