Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Are The Wind Beneath My Cats

So it's Valentine's Day. Let's just get that right out of the way.  It's the day when people either get to celebrate their love, begrudgingly make gestures to their significant other, or bitterly make snide comments that make everyone else uncomfortable.  It's the latter of those options that would, being forever linked to another, understandably make me grimace.  I don't really shove the fact that I was able to (happily) find the exact right person for me in others faces.  I guess that comes with being a private person, though.  Private enough to write a dumb blog about his most inane thoughts and make his doodles public.

I found myself standing in the card aisle of the grocery store earlier today, staring for a few minutes looking for just the right sentiment that would get close to how I feel.  It was after these few minutes that I remembered that tonight's blog was made with the express purpose of being that selfsame card, only a bit more permanent. 

Like I mentioned before, I find myself to be extremely fortunate that I was able to not only find the right woman for me, but to trick her into thinking I was the right man for her.  I keep this up for a few more years and I hear there's a chance I could get a cape and top hat for my magician's routine.

Enjoy your evenings, everyone.  If you're not linked, just do something that you enjoy. Period. Not out of some sense of anti-sentiment but rather out of a more personal valentine to yourself.  Can't take care of someone else until you take care of yourself.

Punch it, Chewie!

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