Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back In The Saddle Again

The marketing finally caught up to me.  I preordered Mass Effect 3 last night, and spent what was left of the evening reacquainting myself with it's predecessor.  Dusting off the old save files, I should be in great shape for what will be the final installment in Commander Shepard's story.

I doubt that those running the show at EA will let the universe just fade away with dignity, so don't worry all you people who want Mass Effect games until you're completely sick of them.  It's fairly meta how the game industry itself plays this game of seeing how many versions of the same thing they can put out before people don't buy them anymore.  Vegas in pixels, I'm thinking.

Nothing is official yet, but soon we'll be moving over to  Over there, we'll be more than just a comic blog.  Hopefully, there will be even more content as we get into the groove of things and bring it all together.  The site is still under construction, so any bugs or errors you find just let me know.  I'll be posting here and there simultaneously until I can find the appropriate time to make the move final.  Either way, you'll be sick of hearing about it by then.

Alright, we did it.  Tomorrow's the end of yet another, and we've got a few days to think about the next one.  Prop those feet up and do your fair share of forgetting about all that, though.

Punch it, Chewie!

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