Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Conspiracy Theory 101

It's that scene in movies we're all familiar with at this point.  Someone goes into a room and (gasp!) there's a huge collection of interrelated news clippings, pictures and artifacts connected to one another with some form of string.

We as viewers are then programmed to look at the character who created this room of mess as eccentric but maybe with a touch of genius.  The real thing of it is that we never really get the chance to take a really solid look at the materials being connected to one another.  Two thoughts come to mind for me.

First, there's absolutely no one there to check on this whackadoo's work and tell him whether or not anything is actually related to whatever shadowy thing he's investigating.  Without that check or balance, there's nothing stopping the train from pulling completely into Crazyville.  Second, all of these relational maps are gigantic, frequently taking up an entire wall or room.  I'd like to see a junior detective taking on a super easy case with four or five things all connected like I so expertly depicted this evening.

Well alright now, not much else to say other than power through this week so I can get back to my regularly scheduled nothing on the weekend.

Punch it, Chewie!

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