Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We made it! Hopefully this silly little drawing reaches you in your powered home or cave if you're living off the grid.  I know that "Superstorm" Sandy really bled off the majority of her strength making her way inland to us, however New Jersey and New York really got a pounding.

As always, the Monday Morning QBs come out of the woodwork both before and after to offer their own opinions and advice on how people should react to these kinds of situations.  The funny thing is that if the newscasters hadn't prepared people for the possibility that the storm was coming, these same MMQBs would be calling for something similar to what happened to the poor seismologists in Italy (if you're interested).  What's worse, instead of being thankful that they weren't affected as negatively as the people in the coastal cities and states, they complain about the extra stuff they got or the annoyance of waiting for more storm.  They wanted more storm!  That does not make any sense to me, but then again I draw dumb little doodles twice a week for my own sanity.

Vent aside, everyone that I know of got through this with very minimal damage to their own selves and property and we're very thankful for that.  I also picked up The Walking Dead video game for my tablet the other day and I'm hooked.  The combination of simple point and click with tense split-second decisions makes for a very engaging experience.  Just don't play it when you're home alone.

Punch it, Chewie!

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