Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Very Veteran Vet

We bring you yet another installment of ... whatever this is.  If you're having trouble understanding what on earth is going on, just take a quick minute to read the previous handful of comics.  They're not lengthy by design so catching up is super easy.

I received an email I've been waiting almost a year for; I'll be a beta tester for Star Wars The Old Republic before it's official release.  It's awesome that I'll get the chance to walk around a bit and check it out, but either way I'll have access to the game again in roughly a month from now.  Having the chance to take a test drive will also be helpful because there will still be time to cancel the pre-order if things are not up to par.  Before too long, I'll be tooling around the fake galaxy with my fake Han Solo, beating up fake enemies for fake prizes.

Old man alert: I'm about to say something that is increasingly stated the more advanced one's age becomes.  Man, time's really flying by, right?  It's almost Thanksgiving when it seems it was the middle of summer not long ago at all.  Alright that's enough of that, shake it off.

Punch it, Chewie!

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