Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Get the Glitter!

If ever there was proof of a higher power, our ability to create useless arts and crafts should be it.  It's astounding the amount of lifeforms and objects that can be created with a few scrap blocks of wood or some cardboard and glitter or magazines and scissors.  This is prime-time craft time for all of you out there with younglings, too.

Commercialism kicked off a few days early this year, as the "midnight sales" for Black Friday were being advertised much earlier, and later, than the 12:01am deadline.  I do hope that people are able to spend enough to make the season special for any family members that aren't up on the secret of the North Pole.  Meager though they may be, our offerings to the youth of our cabal are most likely going to end up being our only priority this year.  I don't believe I'll be buying many toys for myself this year, and that's not because of the age factor (though it probably should be).  I'm just developing this unhealthy urge to want to do things for the matriarch and true ruler of the Manor, but maybe I'll fight it and get myself a Lego set or that Captain America shield I've had my eye on.

Either way, it's shaping up to be a relaxing, family-focused holiday.  With turkey and stuffing barely out of our systems, we already begin to crave the next holiday feast.  Join me in waiting for some more nation-wide time off and general cheer.

Punch it, Chewie!

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