Sunday, May 29, 2011

Everyone Gets A Brand New Car!

You get a car and You get a car!  Remember when that was a big deal?  Before she started to give houses away like they were advice, it was huge to get an audience together and give them all cars.  It also probably didn't cost her anything at all from the advertising of giving the same car to a hundred or so people.

My take on her leaving network television is presented right there.  I think that Oprah will make a lot of money with her own network, but it's pretty obvious it won't be her in front of the camera driving the entire thing.  My guess is that the majority of housewives won't make the switch to her new channel but I am very interested to see.

My most sincere apologies for interrupting the flow I had with regular posting the past few months.  At the absolute worst time power was out in my neighborhood for over a day preventing an upload and following that Memorial Day weekend ripped me away from my desk.  It really weighed on me until I just uploaded and I'm glad to be caught up, though inexcusably late.

I've got a salmon to go prepare for grilling, hopefully I don't destroy it.  Let me know if and how you're enjoying your time off in a comment below!

Punch it, Chewie!

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