Friday, May 13, 2011

The Farce Unleashed

Happy weekend to you, Lords and Ladies!  Apologies for the late posting, but Blogger was down last night when I had my comic ready to post and I didn't get a chance until now to fill Thursday's slot.  I guess that comes with using a free service to start your empire, but I'm sure we'll all get used to it.

Tonight's comic comes to you not from a real conversation but one I hope I never have to recite.  Every time we have people over who haven't had the chance to see our place, the obligatory tour ensues.  On this tour, we always seem to end with my office, which is increasingly becoming a space solely for me with the different posters and books and furniture choices I have in here.  There's always that twinge of nerd anxiety whenever someone else gets to see your stash of greatness.

The main goal tonight is to talk my better half into seeing Thor either tonight or tomorrow.  I've been hearing good things and the box office had a decent showing.  It also helps that I'm an aspiring comic book nerd and devour anything in that vein that hits the theaters.  I'm just hoping they focus on the Heroes Reborn Thor for the movie model and not Siege-era Thor.  So far Marvel's been doing pretty well with updating certain facts about their heroes to bring them into today's world without throwing away the actual origin stories entirely, so fingers crossed.

So, now that only two people are still reading this, I'll bid you all adieu.  Take the time this weekend to read a couple chapters of that book you've got sitting under the thinnest veil of dust, take a nap, catch some movies, but just enjoy the down time with what I'm imagining will be some pretty sleepy weather the next few days.

Punch it, Chewie!

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