Thursday, May 19, 2011

It Really Is Easy

Disclaimer: my wife now totally understands how to get where she wants to go with most of our entertainment outlets.  This did take some coaching and my comic reflects that more than the current state of affairs.

Now that I'm in no danger of staying in the guest room (and never was), I'm finding it hard to believe this week is nearly full-circle already.  Perhaps that's because it's been as depressing as clown college in the weather department.

I found a decent site I'm going to share with you guys : Do Nothing For 2 Minutes.  It's just as advertised, with the intent to get us to chill out for just a precious series of seconds.  I found when doing it that time seemed to slow down a bit, and there were no complaints from me on that one.

I've been noticing a good amount of traffic to the site but comments are low.  It's a comic, I expect that, not whining.  While I am busy working and creating content, I do want to encourage community so I'm looking for a solution that fits where I want this to go.  Keeping that in mind, please do rate the posts and comment, even if it's to suggest other ratings for comics for inclusion.

This is the very rough bare bones part of the journey, before I get my montage and win the state championships or whatever.  I appreciate all the attention I've received thus far very much.

Punch it, Chewie!

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