Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In Space No One Can Hear Your Boredom

What if a hipster was launched into orbit?  I think that what you see to the left might be very possible.  It's too bad that the space shuttles aren't going to be shooting into space anymore.  It's probably even worse that government contracts are going to start going to corporate entities to fuel our skyward momentum as a species.

I've always wanted to fly into space, even though I know it wouldn't work out even if both the technology and the vast amount of money I would need all magically appeared before me.  I have mild travel anxiety for a three-hour trip from a fairly traumatic (read: not really that bad) experience several years ago that my gut's been working it's way back from.  I can only imagine the negative progress I'd make if I strapped a few million pounds of liquid oxygen to my butt and hit the button.

If you're into gaming, step 1 is to check out League of Legends.  Step 2 is to hang around for a month or so because a new map and what looks to be a pretty fun new game mode will be dropping for public consumption. The game has to rank at the top for free-to-play games from the community I've been able to tag along with.  Good times were had by a few.

Hopefully you're doing well, and if inclined you can let me know how you're doing or how you think I'm doing here by dropping a comment below.

Punch it, Chewie!

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doodlepunks said...

In "workshopping" this comic, I collabo'd with my wife. This is a fact that I find important to share.