Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's Only A Mistake If You Admit It

It was a close one, folks.  The nightmarish images depicted tonight very nearly became my reality last week.  Thankfully the area affected was blend-able as we call it in the biz.  It's been awhile since a mishap was made with hair cuttery, mostly due to the fact that I haven't gone to an actual barber in nearly a decade.  College monetary woes turned into practical habits and I  can't see myself going back to the chair and blue Barbasol-coated combs anytime soon.

Swordfish was on the tele last night and it is an enjoyable if not mindless flick.  Hugh Jackman himself looks much younger without his Wolverine scruff and I find myself just rooting for the guy in whatever movie he's in, even if he's being a jerk a la The Prestige.  Since I have this forum it should also be made clear that, while he did an awesome job at the character, he is just simply too tall to be a good Wolverine.  The runt's supposed to be smaller and thus scrappier than that, but his commitment to the character gives him a pass.

I've also got a new trick for all homeowners out there.  Having a hard time with wet/clumpy grass?  If you have separation between front and back yards and you've been slacking and/or away a lot lately, just mow your front yard and it buys you a few more days neighborhood-guilt-free. We here at the Ranch work smarter, not harder.

Punch it, Chewie!

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geekrd said...

better that then cutting an ear ;)