Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Franklin Hypothesis

So the second round of apocalyptic events came through this past week.  Instead of fake prophecy this most recent rash came in the form of natural "disasters." With the earthquake hitting the capital followed quickly by Hurricane Irene, it was a memorable week.  So I'm not confused as insensitive to the people that were deeply affected by the recent storms, be it power outages, flooding or even with loss of loved ones, that is not the case.  I'm merely looking at the situation from my own point of view, which was thankfully unaffected by Mother Nature's hissy fit.

If it were more serious here I imagine I'd resort to something along the lines of the image posted here tonight.  Seriously, I'd have a hard time without constant internet and video streaming access.  First World Problems, right?

Again, several years late, I found a show that I highly recommend the rest of you all try.  We've been watching Breaking Bad from its beginning here at the Manor, and I can understand why Bryan Cranston won so many awards for it.  Both main characters are equal parts repulsive and lovable without finding themselves falling into familiar stereotypes.  AMC's done a good job lately of picking the right projects, or maybe it's something about letting the projects do a bit more of what they would like.  It's hard to tell.

Either way, enjoy this week and the long weekend approaching no matter what your plans, or lack thereof, may be.

Punch it, Chewie!

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