Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Comedic Sticks

I love comedy, I love jokes, and I love the different twists and turns a great joke can take you on.  It doesn't matter how much I love them, it doesn't really improve my retelling of these little gems.

I have found, however that I'm more of a short-form joke teller.  When it comes to the longer forms, short stories with clever turns in them, I'll invariably forget a crucial detail or let slip the punchline a bit too early.

The secret to joke-telling is really not caring if they're received well.  If the recipient enjoys the joke and hangs around for more that's fantastic, but most of the time telling a joke is for the person telling the joke to try and relive the memory of that first time they heard it.  If you look at it like that it seems like a fairly selfish thing, but most of the time the negative reaction to a joke gives the recipient some kind of joy and I'm willing to set the bar low enough to call that a victory.

The second Beta Weekend Event for Guild Wars 2 was this past weekend, and after spending another several hours exploring Tyria I am getting more and more excited for the actual release of this game.  I've never played a game where I'm excited to help people I don't know, explore the environment for all the different vantage points or try to manage my items so that I can improve my crafting skills and benefit a larger team.  It's going to be a good fall and a great winter, almost entirely from this game. To steal a quote from a great book series and TV show, "Winter is coming".

Punch it, Chewie!

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