Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sugar Rushing

So it's clear and firsthand knowledge to most of the people that regularly read my posts that camping is something that I regularly like to go do.  To clarify, by camping I mean going to a state park and parking at a site and hanging out in the woods near other people doing likewise.  If I had to sustain myself without any amenities in nature, I'd probably have a less than stellar opinion on it were I to be missing any gear.

We'll be dragging some people with us to go stay at a state park this coming weekend, and this particular park has a few frisbee or disc golf courses which I'm super excited to get out and enjoy.  Now if only I could get wifi while out in the woods, I'd probably quit my job and become a hermit.

I just want to take a moment to thank the people that have made the transition over to Ink & Pixels with us the past few months.  We're still a work in progress over there, adding in an easier RSS feed and email functions and the like takes time when doing it as a hobby after a full-time job.  Creating a much more dynamic space over there where we can hopefully get into creating things together is the goal.  I hope you'll keep that patience up to the point where we can all start playing together!

Punch it, Chewie!

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