Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Time Warpin'!

Exaggerated true fact about tonight's comic: in a massive meeting, I was fighting valiantly (and losing) to stay awake in the second row.  That blessed bit of adrenaline that jolts through you once you slip near that void was enough to keep me embarrassed until lunch break Huzzah for natural defenses!

I'm not sure how to make a good segue for this, so I'll just go.  There was some sad news on the Radiohead tour recently.  While they were setting up for the evening's concert in Toronto, the stage buckled and pinned a drum technician under the wreckage.  They weren't able to get to him in time and he lost his life, and a few others were injured.  No word yet on if the collapse was due to structural integrity or skirting regulations.  It's a somber note to add to the end of their North American leg of the tour.  Condolences to the family, band and loved ones.

Keep yourself safe and enjoy as much time as you're able. A little bit of silliness keeps the drudge of the world at bay.

Punch it, Chewie!

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