Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rain Make Sad Face

Pretty self-explanatory tonight.  I like reading in the sun, and was thwarted by Mother Nature.  I'll try to figure out my transgressions so I can make the appropriate apologies.

If you could influence nature through actions, it makes the argument for rain dances as actual practice.  Of course, you'll have to do so knowing full well that the practice makes you effectively the court jester of the animal kingdom.

This would normally be the section where I'd talk about a show or movie, etc. that I'd consumed recently, but it's time for a little change.  On Ink & Pixels, we're glad to announce that these movie reviews will be coming at a fairly regular frequency from my wife.  This is due to an unfortunate arrangement that we entered into involving rings and promises and whatnot.

Recently she posted up a review on Men in Black III, I think you guys should definitely check it out and give more feedback.  For an initial outing and even with my obvious bias, I think it's a great take on a regular person's movie-going experience.

Punch it, Chewie!

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