Thursday, July 26, 2012

Choring Story

Being a homeowner, one of the unfortunate side effects is that you're forced to maintain that same property that you've put all your money into. Unless of course you're a huge fan of concrete and just pave any yard you may have started with.

Myself and all the landscapers of the Manor were out yesterday trying to take advantage of the good weather, compounded with reports that terrible heat was coming right behind it. There's nothing more annoying (huge overstatement) than realizing all of the great TV or reading that you're missing out on because you're squinting in the dark trying to mow a lawn.

Changing topics with little to no segue, I wanted to talk about the shootings at the movie theater in Colorado just for a moment. I won't talk on the movie he chose for his attack or even whatever disgusting motivations he may have had. What I will address is a misconception that I find when thinking about this man or other people that commit mass acts of violence on others.  In this case especially, there was special attention put onto his 'intelligence' and, more recently, on maybe the overstatement of that intelligence.  My fear is that people will think that just because you're able to put together these kinds of terrible plans into action that makes you an intelligent person. To me, true intelligence isn't informational, skill-based or emotional, but all of them together.  Lacking the empathy for other people denotes abysmal emotional intelligence, and without it I feel a person is at a severe disadvantage and not really 'intelligent'. This man wasn't some kind of evil genius, he was just an angry man who wasn't able to process things and live like a whole human being. My intention is not to trivialize these horrible events, I'm just attempting to add my probably unnecessary two cents to the pile.

Punch it, Chewie!

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