Thursday, July 12, 2012

The I Stands For Intense

Well folks, it finally happened. The stars aligned, the trucks were on time and I now have the iPad. My self control was at an all-time high today, because I received the package at my desk before 10am and didn't power on the machine until I got home in the late afternoon.

I'm able to also report that the new iPad (or iPad 3rd gen if you're being literal) is completely as advertised and worth it. The screen resolution is amazing and doesn't track fingerprints, while the screen remains lit. Battery life is also strong, since I ran it almost non-stop for 3-4 hours streaming videos, reading comics, downloading apps and customizing settings. When I was nearly done, I could tell a slight amount of heat in the back, but honestly that could have been just as much from my holding the tablet in my hands.

It's very satisfying to wait for something like this for so long and then to have it meet and in some cases exceed your expectations. It's a good night here at The Estate.

Punch it, Chewie!

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