Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guess What I Want For Christmas

I'm so glad Marvel got to the point in the world-domineering marketing plan that I could see Captain America on the big screen.  I love the character and everything Steve Rogers stands for, and they portrayed him very well.  I didn't even mind the ex-Torch Chris Evans as Cap, he ended up being great for it.

Since seeing it on the big screen, I now can't wait to have it for the small screen.  The one where teen-aged projectionists don't take a nap or play on their iPhone so much they don't notice the 3d movie is out of focus for the entire theater.  I had a headache and my wife got a migraine.  You're not doing a great job of convincing me not to pirate media, movie theater.

Over the weekend we watched The Beast on Netflix and we both ended up really enjoying the show.  It had a dark tone like The Shield, one of our favorite shows.  Patrick Swayze was obviously not doing too well throughout the season though.  It was clear every time he walked and his head shook like a bobble-head or in the later episodes where he was stationary or his action did not require him to move.  Felt a little FDR to us, but he still delivered his lines through it and made you forget about his illness frequently.

Probably the last time we'll get the chance to check out the Atlantic this summer's rapidly approaching, and I'm looking forward to the hopefully peaceful time.

Punch it, Chewie!

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