Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spatially Challenged

Tonight we come down on Smart Cars! About time, right guys? Seriously, who builds these clown cars for two, eh?  Even crazier, why did I see three between the grocery store and my house?  Will this be the last unanswered question in this paragraph?

It's at this point that I need to relay a cat story.  It was the dead of night and our female cat was meowing and pawing at doors, to the point that it woke us up and even when calling her she wouldn't stop.  This continued until we had to imprison said offender in a room until morning so we could get some sleep. The morning did not improve her attitude, and was non-stop until I stopped work to go take my lunch.  It's at this point (what I'll call the turn) that I realize their water dish is bone dry.  That's right, our cat was thirsty and wanted to let us know so we rewarded that communication by locking her away until morning.   We're awesome.

Netflix is raising their rates again, I'm irate, let's move on.

I think that the most of my Philadelph-itude has worn off finally.  I smile to people more often, actually make eye contact, even find my head mysteriously moving up and down once as I pass them on my jogs.  While foreign and unsettling, I'm finding the experience beneficial for both parties.  Enjoy the weekend!

Punch it, Chewie!

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