Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'll Sleep When I'm Rezzing!

My wife puts up with a lot of my video game talk, questions about what she thinks it funny and in general just a lot of putting-up-with what I think is comedy around the house.  That's why the comic to the left is an exaggeration, because I know she would kill me and take whatever meager possessions I would have left.

The content was honest though, Star Wars: The Old Republic was available for preorder this morning and I have my code already entered into their site and am awaiting the release date.  That's right, though I've preordered, I have no idea what day I'll actually be entering a galaxy far, far away to smuggle my way across space.

I'm having a really good week thus far, despite the overwhelming heat that's hitting everyone.  When mowing this week, my hands kept sliding off the handle from all the sweat.  Near the end I thought I was at the beach from all the saltwater that poured into my burning eyes.  It was a hoot!

Enjoy your weekend, I know I'll be hitting a matinee of Captain America and doing some grilling sometime.  Summer, more like Funner (amiright?)

Punch it, Chewie!


Jon said...

And despite it all, you still griped about seeing the ballet. Tsk tsk.

doodlepunks said...

You can NOT be trying to compare an interactive, multiplayer experience with watching some kids bounce around a stage without speaking.