Thursday, July 28, 2011

Untitled Is Still A Title

Doodlepunks world record!  Due to my possibly unstable need to stick to a Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule you have tonight's comic.

I'm also racing the clock because my computer has started doing this really cute thing when it gets overheated; the screen goes black and my speakers shout the worst noise ever made at me until I do a hard reset.  Replacement parts incoming.

We here at the Estate started watching the new season of True Blood, and I had some feedback on my feedback. "You're ruining it for me, please stop being so negative."  My negativity evaporated soon thereafter, but I was really unhappy due to the opening scene being in Fairy-land and annoying, until the scene made it's turn.  Five minutes were five too many of that, though.  I did appreciate where they took it and overall the tone of the show is right in that sweet spot between entertaining and dark.

Keeping it short tonight, because it's only fair to not force too many of my words in through your eyeballs.

Punch it, Chewie!

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