Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Professional Layabout

The images to the left are used only with the utmost affection for Where's Waldo and remain the property of their creator.  You have to admit though, he's really a lazy kind of guy.  The entire time I've known Waldo, he's been hiding from The Man or backpacking across wildly crazy vistas.  After a few years, you have to ask yourself is there something that goof is trying to hide, or is he just running from his own future?

Now that I've wrapped up that little bit, it's time to move on to something I love.  Don't you just get all excited when a critic starts to analyze children's material?  I know Brian Regan has a few lines on the subject but come on; Dick, Jane and Spot are there for nothing more than to be seen.  It's possible that they speak to the communistic tendencies of a free-thinking culture, but I'm going to bet they're just cartoons on a page.

Contrary to what you may be thinking from the above material, I'm not in a grouchy mood.  It is entirely possible for me to slip into that frame of mind, however, because of the bug bites that are only now starting to show up on my feet and legs from the past weekend.  I didn't get it half as badly as my wife though, so here's hoping hers dissipate quickly.

The weekend for those of here at the Estate was very relaxing.  We got to go see some hicks pop wheelies in a parade, go eat some really good barbecue (where we obtained previous bug bites) and spent the entire time around my family.  What we did not do was find a fireworks show.  Gone are my youthful days of seeing four or five shows with my friends, but hopefully it means I'll appreciate it more the next time around.  How did your celebrating go?  Comment and we'll chat.

Punch it, Chewie!

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