Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Artistic Fright

As you can probably tell from tonight's comic, we had the chance to check out a decently large arts festival this weekend a few times.  Even though spirits were obviously elevated to observe our memorial holiday, that didn't make the weather any less hot and sticky.

It was a really good walk though, and the items were really awesome to see all the different ways that people try to be creative with paint, ceramics, wood, cloth and metal.  For us here at the Estate, we followed the lead of a good source to check out the festival more than once before purchasing anything.  After the day or so to mull it over, we did acquire a new piece of art for the East Wing.

It should also be said that for every two or three awesome tents that we ran across, there were still a few oddballs mixed in there.  Even with that though, there was a lot of different tents that absolutely drew us in.  If not for the happy coincidence that it was mostly cash business inside the festival, we'd probably have had a few more 'acquisitions' to report.

So, now we're all back to work (unless you've a glut of vacation or personal time banked up).  Now with Memorial Day in our very recent rear-view though, for me it feels very much like summer is finally here.  That makes leaving in the afternoons that much sweeter as all the plans for weekend getaways are beginning to take shape.

Punch it, Chewie!

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