Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ammo here!

Video Games!  They're a large enough part of my life that I can't avoid them on the drafting table.  This one references Battlefield: Bad Company 2.  Great game with an interesting little team dynamic to it.

You, depending on your class, can help a teammate out by giving them first aid, ammo, repairing their vehicle or spotting enemies on their radar.  Usually this devolves into every man just wanting his own glory as depicted here with the time-honored tea-bagging tradition.

In news, it's a shame I can't draw the female form very well because a Dancing the the Stars Kirstie Alley comic should be here in a perfect world.  I don't watch this show and I've somehow hypnotized my wife to stop watching it as well, but news on the radio is telling me she's fallen twice and now is losing her shoes on stage!?  It's almost, but not nearly close enough, to make me want to watch and see if something else tragic happens.

That's the American mentality though, right?  Watch it as long as it's going down the tubes.  It's why Jersey Shore and the other "reality" shows have done so well.  Note to self: get job as reality show writer.

Stay tuned for more updates this week, there is a very good chance at a bonus comic from a guest artist going up tomorrow night!  Hope the week is moving as quickly for you as it seems to be for me, and I'll look forward to connecting with you all again very soon.  Thanks again for following or reading!

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