Thursday, April 7, 2011

Damnit, Chloe! There is no time!

24 is great television.  I'm also tragically behind and just worked my way into the seventh season.  Listen I know, but there's only so much time I can devote to watching shows.  Where would you get this great content from if that was all I did?

Hopefully this season will bring Jack fully back to the forefront and not just another character as in the previous season.  All this praise aside, sometimes the plot can be seen from miles away.  Such as knowing that Jack Bauer will only ever have to account to himself for his extreme methods, so a Senate hearing will get interrupted by some crazy whatever-bomb.  No court will ever convict the guy; there's always another crisis for him to handle.

I also started playing around with text additions tonight, as you can see/read clearly.  In the end, I'm trying to get an idea across, and if my terrible writing is getting in the way of that I'm wasting my time.  

Anyone have any experience with digital tablets?  I've been idly shopping for one to help augment the tools I have to sketch and draw.  I doubt I'll ever go totally into the digital Matrix, but it will be nice to have the option to touch things up with a more natural feel to it.

I hope this all finds you well and that the weekend brings enough opportunity for you to invest in your own passions or hobbies.  I'm just lucky that I get most into my hobbies, so two birds and all that.  Eventually my goal is to create not only a community of friends and readers but also a resource for nerdsourcing ideas and projects.  

Please take a second to follow me below and to sign up for email updates, it's very easy.   I hope to update this weekend for a bonus comic but otherwise I'll talk to you all again next Tuesday!

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