Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Even Short Safaris Count

Can you hear the clarion call in the distance?  It's all of the lawnmowers in your neighborhood cranking up and making their owners tired and happy... until it grows back.

Just did the inaugural mowing and it was nuts, it nearly came to fisticuffs between me and my lawn.  The grass is so wet and clumpy that it was stalling my machine every twenty seconds or so.  It didn't help very much it was also nearly a foot tall.  Mother Nature needs to take a chill pill and give us a break with the rain.

Bardem is confirmed for his starring role in the upcoming Dark Tower movies and TV events.  If they can keep the rest of the cast to that caliber (pun intended) it should be good stuff.

Hopefully everyone isn't looking at a terribly busy week since most people had a long weekend in one form or another.  Thanks for coming and please leave your comments or post ratings below!

Punch it, Chewie!


Jon said...

I think this actually happened.

doodlepunks said...

That brick was almost identical to a recorder, anyone could have thought so.