Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's a gold mine, I tell ya!

Hey Everybody! In a weird kind of mood.  This random thought derailed my other plans for the comic this evening and here's the result.  Thankfully I have lots of time to either celebrate or get away from this weirdness since I don't work again until next Tuesday!

Recently I finished a really good novel and since I was still in the reading mood picked up my copy of Dark Tower V.  I was instantly reminded that Stephen King was high out of his mind through most of his groundbreaking and brilliant material.  Good, bad or indifferent, you can't deny the man is very unique and successful because of it.

I also heard they're shopping around and doing some initial casting for a Dark Tower movie.  On a scale of influential books to movies, with Shawshank on one end and the made for TV Shining on the other, I hope they're shooting for the former.  Javier Bardem would make a kickass Roland and I would pay money to see it.

Relax this weekend, whether you celebrate or whatever you may do.  This run from the Christmas/Holiday season until now is way too long without a national break.

Punch it, Chewie!


Jon said...

How does the town drunk stay married? Or does he just wear his wedding band out of some sad, post-marriage denial, and that's what drives him to drink? Or did he always have a drinking problem, and now he also has depression on top of it? Or did the drinking start when his child died, and he uses the sippy cup to remember the sorrow as he simultaneously drowns it, and the wedding band is, once again, merely a sad relic of a union torn apart by tragedy and vice? So many questions.

doodlepunks said...

Thanks for the comment! Just want to clarify, the game was find the drunk, not fix him. I leave that failed task to social and judicial organizations!