Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I hear he has Taz's lawyer on retainer

Good evening folks, quick update for a quick week.  Not sure and nor do I really care about the different religious affiliations of anyone catching these updates, but I know for myself I'll be going home this weekend to see my family.  If you start to see cows cropping up in my updates to come, you can begin to draw the correlation.

I got into a road rage moment this morning on my way into my job.  A tractor trailer tried to speed up and cut me off when merging onto the highway, but I made it on.  Since he was speeding up, he suddenly decided to flash his high-beams on me.  This was responded to pretty quickly by my middle finger, something I'm not proud to say isn't all that uncommon for me.  Gets me thinking about how anonymity breeds selfishness.

Is it the isolation from a group and thus the understood group dynamics or is it more the regression to our baser or truer selves?  Thankfully I don't get obsessed over the philosophy of it all or else that would drive me nuts!

Thanks for coming and we'll see you again soon.

Punch it, Chewie!

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